My Master War


MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem with the difference that blockchain technology is applied to the game, along with Free Play to Earn and Staking model. Unlike many other NFT Games, MyMasterWar does not require players to spend any money to start playing, which revolves around the plot:

  • Humans crave power, desire to live forever, want to change heaven and earth, and master the vast universe.
  • To do this, humans need an evolution in both their thought and power. The best scientists in the world have researched, invented, and refined the most elite genes in history. Players, as kings to rule their kingdoms, have to cross time and space, create real battles to improve and evolve themselves.

The first set of games will take place in the Middle Ages. Players can choose their own scenario, each player is like a king of a country, they can choose generals, build armies, devise strategies and fight battles. The game system supports multiple platforms and multiple devices: Web games (PC, mobile phone, tablet), Android, and iOS.

The second part will be in the future when humans cross time and space to build their Virtual Metaverse Empires. Players will no longer use traditional devices such as laptops or mobile phones to participate in the game, instead, they will enter a 3D virtual world, transform into gods with endless strength and abilities to create and conquer the new worlds.

MAT Price

DeFi x NFT
Auto Play2Earn & Staking

Players & game universe: Players can pick their scenarios like choosing generals, building armies, devising strategies, and fighting battles.
Players can earn by:
  • Staking MAT token
  • Inviting others to play the game
  • Playing and winning challenges in the game
  • Collecting, trading NFT heroes and items on the marketplace
NFT Marketplace & payment: Where users can buy and sell NFT assets


#Game Features
To become a courageous and unrivaled hero, you must go through hundreds of heaven challenges, pass thousands of life-and-death missions to train all your abilities.
World Boss
World Boss
Heaven monsters are summoned to harm the world, so 12 vassals have to all gather to defeat them and earn their resources. Those monsters contain a lot of valuable resources, destroying them can earn many incredible rewards.
Stimulating all kinds of strategies can bring players the power to destroy heaven and earth since ancient times. The strategies are modified to match the types of troops to increase the maximum strength of heroes. For that reason, players can use their strategies to improve the power of soldiers.
The Tavern is where all talented heroes gather to talk about their stories. Heroes are just ordinary people and will become ashes over time if they don't choose the right master. Who will be named in the history books, who will be forgotten in the history line, it all depends on your choice.
Nation War
Nation War
The dispute between the three forces has been going on for hundreds of years and destroying thousands of people's lives. In that scenario, who will be the son of heaven to unify the country and bring peace to people.
Minerals lie under thousands of meters from the ground, which is extremely difficult to discover and exploit. Each mineral mine produces a large number of resources leading to a lot of fierce disputes between forces.


Mymasterwar brings traditional game experiences, play to earn and Defi to NFT collectibles.

Q1, Q2 2021
  • Verify ideals, start designing and building the My Master War games
  • Connect with advisors and prepare for official plans
Q3 2021
  • Complete coding the game
  • Apply blockchain technologies into the game
    • Buy game items, upgrade level by MAT tokens
    • Mint general NFT tokens (by game creator)
    • Reward MAT token for players who stake MAT, win the game or their referential.
  • NFT marketplace for players to buy/sell the bosses, heroes
  • Private sale round
Q4 2021
  • Improve the game
    • Improve UI/UX, animation ...
    • Publish our games on Google Play and the App Store
    • Allow players to create (mint) general NFT token
  • Listing MAT on PancakeSwap
  • Listing MAT on top-10 centralized exchange
  • Officially launching the game and starting the staking pool.
  • Multi-language
  • Releasing iOS App
  • Website MyMasterWar v2.0
  • New token EMAT
  • Developing a crosschain marketplace
  • Developing NFT wallet
  • Pushing ecosystem
  • Expanding community
  • Release MAMA NFT wallet on Android
  • Including: Blockchain wallet, MAT Marketplace
  • Release MAMA NFT wallet on iOS
  • Update wallet features: MAT Staking, MAT Marketplace...
  • Find patners for MAMA wallet listing
  • Develop new game features
  • Marketing for MAMA wallet


#token Economics

We are committed to building games, communities and ecosystems in a sustainable way.
So all the token metrics such as the total number, the allocation ratio, the lock rate ... are carefully considered.

  • Ecosystem 25% (25,000,000 token)
  • Team & Advisors 20% (20,000,000 token)
  • Liquidity & Marketing 10.5% (10,500,000 token)
  • Treasury 15% (15,000,000 token)
  • Private Sale 12% (12,000,000 token)
  • Public Round 2.5% (2,500,000 token)
  • Play To Earn 15% (15,000,000 token)
Token Name

My Master War Token

Token Symbol


Total supply

100.000.000 MAT

Blockchain network

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Audit by


The Leadership

#Our Leadership

My Master War NFT game team comes from all over around the world.
They have many years of experience and expertise in the working fields.


#our partner


This section includes answers to frequently asked questions concerning My Master War

MyMasterWar has successfully raised $1.2 million from notable investors and comprehensive advice, such as Animoca Brand, HUB Global, Morningstar, Icetea Labs and others.
- HUB'S board advisors: Trung Nguyen - CEO of Axie Infinity, Long Vuong - Founder of Tomochain, Henry Tran - Founder of Hub Global, Tuan Pham - Chairman of TFI Accelerator, Thanh Dao - CEO LaunchZone and others.
- Animoca Brands is known as a leader in digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification.

Most of the token allocation is for the game ecosystem. Please checkout detail about tokenomic on our website: https://mymasterwar.com
About tokenutility, MAT could be used in various ways:
- Buy game items: such as weapons, equipment- Upgrade levels: such as VIP-01, VIP-02 …
- Game rewards: players will receive rewards when they win a battle, conquer the stronghold …
- Trading Heroes and items on the marketplace
There are unlimited ways players could use MAT in-game in order to increase the power of the squads and definitely we will develop more features in the next updates

With our extremely strong R&D team, we are confident that MMW is an extremely unique product in the entire NFT gaming market with its Free Play to Earn and Staking. Also, Most of the NFT games at this moment are quite simple in terms of game ideal and game playing. Our project really possesses extremely rich and deep gameplay with regularly updated features, it can satisfy every gamer as well as investors. Moreover, our partnership/backers and the core team ... are what makes us proud of our products and can completely bring the best experience to everyone.

An iOS/Android phone or a normal PC/Laptop with a stable internet connection is enough to play MyMasterWar. Not only non requiring high-end hardware but also MyMasterWar does not require any investment to start. Players could play through many events in-game freely until they really love the game and want to fully enjoy all the features and challenges, that when players could start invest in MyMasterWar.

Players can make profits by winning the battles, conquering the strongholds, selling the NFT generals on marketplace or simply inviting other people to play the game

No, Players can start playing without buying anything. Buying NFT generals or game items increases the opportunity to make more profits.

Please have a look on our audit result by Certik here: certik.org/projects/my-master-war

You can buy MAT tokens on PancakeSwap now.
MAT current contract : 0xf3147987a00d35eecc10c731269003ca093740ca
Connect your wallet address to exchange and you guys could easily trade MAT

At the moment we have 11 local communities besides our global group in order to support you guys who are not native English speakers have a better understanding of the project. In near future, our plan is going to increase the number of groups to receive all the feedbacks from users around the world
Please join our friendly group here
These are our regional communities :

Most of the MAT tokens are used for the game ecosystem. Founder and dev team have 10% of the total token for each and the token is locked in smart contracts (only 5% unlocked in the distribution time) so We do not have the ability to dump the price at all.

You can get the MAT token by asking to be whitelisted in the private sale round or public IDO round. Or simply play the game and earn the MAT token. Follow our official website (https://mymasterwar.com) for more details.

Yes, ofcourse. MAT will be listed on PancakeSwap right after the private sales and top-10 centralized exchange in the quarter 4, 2021

MyMasterWar is just the traditional Role-playing game except that players can leverage the blockchain technologies to store their game items, generals permanently, prove their ownership as long as well make profits from play to earn model